Finding the right electrician is much more than finding the right contractor to do the job. Since electricity is a dangerous and tricky home improvement project, hiring the professionals who are knowledgeable, licensed and insured is not always enough. One should always hire a local electrician who has got solid professional knowledge, good credentials and references to perform the job effectively.

Finding an electrician is a hard time. To help you make the job easy, we are going to give you a list of several questions that you must ask your electrician before hiring.

  • Are you licensed?- This is the first question you should ask the person whom you are planning to hire as an electrician. Ask if the person is licensed with the local city or county? Electrical contractors can have a wide variety of licenses for a wide range of jobs. Check with him if he is licensed to do the job.
  • Are you insured?- An electrician who is insured is a safe electrician. Not only he protects the rights of the workers, but also the customers. If an accident occurs during the installation, repair or renovation project, an insured electrician would be responsible for any monetary benefits to the customer or the worker who gets hurt on the job.
  • What are your credentials?- Ask if the person is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, local electrical organizations or electrician unions. All these credentials will add to the experience and skillset of an electrician and testify that the person is knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • Can I Know your specialties?- Knowing the specialties of an electrician can help you avoid the pitfalls and problems that can occur with electrical tasks. For example- if the electrician specializes in repairs, maintenance and emergency electrical work, he may not be able to help you with installations or renovations. Knowing the specialties will help you understand what to demand and expect from your electrician

Those were some of the important questions you should consider asking your local electrician.

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