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We provide a complete service, from installing an alarm system to repairs. We offer a 24 hour emergency service so look no further than us.
At Al-Amin Electrical we make sure that we are always maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction, giving you total peace of mind at all times. Whatever your requirements may be, we are more than happy to discuss your needs and offer a solution to any problem.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive Alarm System service, to keep your property safe and secure at all times.

Alarm systems are extremely crucial for any business and residence. Losing your valuable assets should never be due to your own fault. Prevent burglars and install a reliable alarm in your home or business building.
Call Al-Amin today to protect your premise from thieves and burglars. We will install the alarm system and repair them too. Our team is available for you 24 x 7. Call our 24 hour emergency number and let us come to you.

Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals

Full alarm systems

Install a full alarm system today and make your home, office, and the building protected from everyone. Intruders and burglars are always looking for a chance. Don’t give them any chance to steal anything at all. Keep a close eye on everything. Let the burglars know that you have installed a powerful alarm system and they will be caught in no time. Get in touch with Al-Amin today to install a full alarm system.

CCTV or video surveillance system

Manage your property better. Through our CCTV cameras, you will be able to monitor your home, office, and building inside out. CCTV enables you to keep an eye on all your employees, visitors, customers, and monitor everything. Install a video surveillance system to make sure that your property is not just being monitored, but is also protected from future criminals. Video footage is an important piece of the document too. This will let you produce this as a shred of evidence in case something goes wrong.

Access Control Systems

The access control system is truly 21st-century security gadgets. Access control system puts you in charge of everything and you get to control who is allowed to enter certain departments. Duplicating a physical key is not difficult at all. But through an access control system, no one will be able to gain access, unless and until you allow them to enter.

Intruder Alarm

Every home nowadays has dozens of objects which are worth a good amount of money. You never know who is keeping an eye on your property and when that person might attack. Having an intruder alarm system will ensure that everything in your home and the people living in are safe. Install an intruder alarm and protect everything. Be alarmed when there is forced entry. Intruder alarm not just keeps you safe but your neighbourhood too. Our advanced security system will allow you to remotely monitor your home too. Go out for a vacation with a peace of mind while intruder alarm gets ready to do its job.

Alarm servicing

Any alarm that you purchase from us will be under the warranty period. If the alarm breaks down or malfunctions, feel free to give us a call and we will be right there for you. For us, your safety matters and it is our responsibility to fix the problems. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Call us when the time comes. We are available 24 x 7.

Take a smart decision and call AI- Amin

If you are worried about the security of your home and business, then give us a call and let us set-up a full-proof security alarm system for you. An alarm system is a necessity for every home and business. Be sure that you are safe and secured. Be alert all the time. Let your important and hard-earned assets remain safe with you.
Call AI- Amin today of you want to set up an advanced alarm system. We are just a call away. Contact 0207 476 2153 or drop an email at

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  • Alarm Servicing
  • CCTV Installation
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intruder Alarms
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals

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Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Khaled Hussain
10:04 15 Aug 19
A prompt and professional service from a very capable and knowledgeable engineer. In particular, I very much appreciated the constant knowledge sharing throughout the 3 hours Aziz was with us raising our understanding of a crucial bit of infrastructure we take for granted. I will be calling upon the company going forward and I’d highly recommend. Thanks guys.
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Eleanor Dunbar
06:56 24 Jul 19
Extremely professional and knowledgeable, came out at short notice which was perfect as I had an urgent issue with a mains powered fire alarm that wouldn’t stop going off in my flat. The problem was identified and resolved quickly. I would definitely recommend this service!
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Dawit Mallede
21:43 22 Jul 19
Aziz arrived on time and was very helpful from the get go! Very good advice given on safety and general domestic electrics. I would advise to use his service if you are in the east London areas.
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Tonnyy .L
09:25 26 Jun 19
I contacted them via email on Monday night and they were able to get to my property the following day. Very fast and professional. Would definitely recommend
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Neil Clark
20:39 12 Apr 19
What a great guy and service. I had a mains Smoke alarm issue. I couldn't get unit off base. This guys was brilliant talked me through making electric safe and how to get unit off. 20 mins later the annoying chirping unit was off and placed in the garage. New unit will be bought and fitted tomorrow. We can sleep in peace. Very grateful. What a great guy
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Dee Sh
21:02 28 May 18
This electrician was very polite and gave me excellent value for money he solved my problem quickly I am extremely grateful would use them again for sure !
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Jean Marcelo Consolmagno
18:31 17 May 18
Aziz is a very reliable and professional. I'm very happy with his work and do not hesitate to indicate him to my family and friends.
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Chris Erasmus
13:08 17 May 18
Aziz managed to help me with my concerns and replaced my kitchen plugs very quickly. Great same day service and very professional. Highly recommended and will effeminately use the service again.
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
David Alwyn
13:48 14 Apr 18
Aziz is wonderfully professional and incredibly pleasant. We had a big nasty job to do replacing all the wiring in the house and he made sure that whatever he had to do, we were comfortable and not left without power to important appliances. He will genuinely go out of his way to make your life easier. He’s also very communicative and happy to explain everything he’s doing and why, which is a great comfort. I don’t know why I’d ever use another electrician.
Alarms Al-Amin Electricals
Nicholas Godfrey
08:38 15 Mar 18
Fantastic emergency response in the middle of the night. He reassured me that he would be able to get the power back on in no time, listened to my feedback on what happened and acted swiftly accordingly. Would use again!!
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