Guaranteed Work

Our work carries a guarantee which is valid for 12 months from the date of the work completed. Your invoice is your reference for your guarantee. Full terms and conditions regarding your guarantee, are on the website.

It is important for AI- Amin electrical contractor to look after customers. We care for our customers and our service comes with a 12 months’ work guarantee from the date of the work gets completed. All we will request you are to keep the invoice properly secured in someplace to show it to us in case you need servicing once again or any of the parts that we have fixed needs repairing again.

You can call us for any electrical repairing services and relax. If it is about fixing a small socket, we won’t worry much, but if it is about fixing electric wiring at your residence or at in the office. We are an approved contractor and we have a dedicated certificate option, where you can learn about our certificates in details. Starting from PAT test certification to ECS health and safety assessment, we have it all.

Our guarantees will give you a peace of mind that you long for. Keep the invoice with you and let us have it in case anything goes wrong. We know that our team of professionals will fix all the problems that one go, even then it is better to have a guarantee in your hands which will ensure that we care for you.

It doesn’t matter when you want to call us. Just give us a call and one of our electricians will be there at your home or office in no time. Along with fixing the prevailing issues, our trained professionals will also give you adequate advice to maintain the electrical items properly in the longer run.

Ask for a guarantee proactively and our electricians will tell you that almost all the services come with a guarantee of 12 months and that’s one of the main reasons why people choose us again and again for our services.

If you are looking for a company who can give you peace of mind along with service guarantee, then look no further and call us as soon as possible. Remember, we are only a call away and it’s only when we will talk we will understand your needs and start our work.

If a job is completed within the hour, we can help out with other jobs until the hour arrives at no extra cost.
The materials are also paid individually and we will only buy from certified, genuine sources.

Our electricians do have a lot of materials however, we may occasionally need to source certain materials and come back at a later date.

A 20% handling charge is on all sourced materials. However the businesses we buy from ensure we get the best discounts which still makes us highly competitive.

All quotes are free and once any work has been completed you will receive a full, clear invoice.

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