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Our Electrician Charges

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Electrical Installations & Repairs in London

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All of our rates are extremely competitive and give great value for money, we are conscious that hidden charges are of real concern to our customers and so endeavour to be as transparent with our charges as you should expect.

Electrician Service Charges

Electrical Services

Standard Rate

Pre-Booked Electrician £80 – 1 HOUR
Pre-Booked Electrician (Out Of Business Hours – 6pm-12pm) £90 – 1 HOUR
Emergency Electrician £120 – 1 HOUR
Electrician in Central and West London £140 – 1 HOUR
Emergency Electrician (Out Of Business Hours – 6pm-12pm) £160 – 1 HOUR
Saturday-Sunday £160 HOUR
Saturday-Sunday after 6pm to 12pm £200 HOUR
12am to 8am Emergency Electrician £200 per 1 hour
Pre-Booked Electrician £560 Whole Day
Consumer Unit Upgrade (Up to 10 circuits) £680
PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) £90 (Up to 10 items)
Any White Sockets / Fitting (Fused Spur, Ceiling Rose, etc., ) £10
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
Formerly known as periodic inspection report (PIR)
1 Bedroom House or Apartment £160
2-3 Bedroom House or Apartment £200
4 Bedroom House or Apartment £240
Full Rewire Starts from £3500

If a job is completed within the hour, we can help out with other jobs until the hour arrives at no extra cost.
The materials are also paid individually and we will only buy from certified, genuine sources.

Our electricians do have a lot of materials however, we may occasionally need to source certain materials and come back at a later date.

A 20% handling charge is on all sourced materials. However the businesses we buy from ensure we get the best discounts which still makes us highly competitive.

All quotes are free and once any work has been completed you will receive a full, clear invoice.

If an emergency job is booked and then cancelled (Not within 15 minutes prior to booking), this will be charged for 1 hour. If a booking is cancelled within 15 minutes of being made, the charge will not apply.

Our Charges Al-Amin Electricals
Our Charges Al-Amin Electricals
Our Charges Al-Amin Electricals
Our Charges Al-Amin Electricals
Our Charges Al-Amin Electricals