Storage heaters are an electrical heating appliance that is usually wall-mounted. It uses electricity overnight and stores it as heat to be used the next day. The biggest benefit of a storage heater is, it consumes electricity at night and then gives out the heat many hours later. No matter how careful you have been, there comes a time when your storage heater starts showing the signs of damage or fault. It is the time when you should call the professionals or take your storage heater for repairs.

Benefits of Using a Storage Heater

  • Installing a storage heater is much cheaper to install than a complete central heating system
  • As compared to other systems, it requires very less maintenance
  • A storage heater would enable you to take advantage of the cheaper off-peak tariff electricity during the night

DIY or Hire Experts?

Many homeowners make a mistake of trying to fix their storage heaters on their own when they pose problems. If you do not possess the knowledge, experience and skills, you should not mess up with the things as they can do more harm than good. One should always call in the professionals, who will get to the root cause of the problem and offer you solutions that can go a long way in meeting your needs.

The professionals possess rich experience in fixing the issues ranging from major to minor. No matter you are looking for storage heater repair or maintenance, the professionals would provide you with honest advice and support.

What Ceases the Functioning of Storage Water Heater?

Some common reasons responsible for storage heater not working well are- faulty heater thermostat, a blown element or terminal blocks. Thermostat elements are replaced every couple of years. When this element fails to function, the heater will turn cold. In all these situations, the technicians would get to the root cause of the problem and offer the right solutions.

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