Emergency Electrician in White City

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When you are in need of a reliable electrician, call no one else but AI Amin. You may have seen tons of YouTube DIY electrical repair videos and might have tried repairing few sockets and wires on your own too, but do you know that it could cost you a lot more money if not done properly?
Why do you want to get electrocuted and jeopardise your wellbeing when AI Amin is right here to visit each and every part of the UK? We are available for you 24 x 7 and our highly efficient team will be right at your doorstep no matter when you need us.

We will protect your electronics

Anything can hamper the longevity of electronics in your home, lightning strike, power surge, faulty and even weak wiring can play with the life of electronic items, which can either destroy them or cost you more than thousands of dollars to repair them. Won’t you want to keep your precious and expensive electronic items safe? For that reason, give us a call and let us handle the issue efficiently. Our team of highly professional electricians has years of experience in dealing with these kinds of issues and we will resolve the problem without wasting any time.

We save you from getting electrocuted

Who would want to land up in a hospital bed just because you tried to follow a DIY routine and tried to fix the electrical problems on your own? Don’t play with your life.
Fortunately, there are services like us who are ready to be at your service whenever you give us a call. Only a professional electrician knows the root cause of an electrical problem. We keep you and your family safe. We will bring in our necessary equipment to deal with the issue and sort it no time!

Just don’t try to fix electrical problems on your own and give us a call.

Your family’s safety is our priority

Do you know that more than 51, 000 homes catch fire because of faulty electrical wiring and more? Imagine, how many lost their lives and their homes. This one of the biggest reasons why you should call only a reliable electrician the moment you feel there is a fault. Our electricians will not just resolve one problem but alert you as well for any hidden problems as well. This way you can rectify the problems then and there and stay safe!

We are affordable

If you were under the vision that hiring an electrician will cost you more money then you were wrong. If you have no idea about how electrician works and try to correct the problem on your own, it can not only make the situation worse but you will be putting your family in danger too. Plus the house can catch fire too.
We are not expensive and our affordable price will not burn your pockets. Just call us and you will be happy to know how cost-effective our services are.

We will let you be in peace

Since our team brings in years of expertise to your home, we make sure that we check all the faults in the electrical system from top to bottom. You can trust us and our service. We will sort out everything and let you be at peace.

Trust us and our years of experience.

Our highly professional team will protect you and your family and solve the issue within just a few hours. No matter where you are located in London, we will be at your doorstep.

If you are unsure about which areas we cover, please get in touch with us via telephone on 0207 476 2153 or via email on [email protected].

Your Local Electricians

Whether you’re an established business or brand new company, we can provide you with all the electrical services that you may need. For example electrical design, inspections and testing.

We can also help to ensure that your business meets all safety demands and is fully practical. And we offer our commercial services to many types of businesses as well. contact us and we will certainly be able to help.

So make sure to call 078 8927 2430 for your all electrical needs across London. We offer affordable electrical services you can always rely on, 24 hours a day.

In the same way, our qualified team of electricians is skilled and efficient. As a result we are able to carry out all types of services. Domestic, commercial and also industrial work. We can certainly be at your home or business today, on-time, and at the best time to suit you.

★★★★★★★★★★ 9/10


Good and efficient service. The electrician was courteous and was wearing masks and made us feel safe. He took care to make all necessary checks and correctly diagnose the issues.