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Emergency Electrician in Walthamstow

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Power failure is always an emergency condition no matter whether it’s day or night. We, at Al-
Amin Electrical Contractor deeply understand your power dependency. That is why we are
passionate to serve domestic areas throughout London. Whether you need an electrician in
Walthamstow, North, west or central London, our electricians are available 24/7 throughout
the year to solve our emergency electricity needs.

24 Hour Electrician in Walthamstow: 0207 476 2153

Al-Amin Electrical offer honest advice to the homeowner free of charge

If your property is in need of re-wiring, our electricians will ensure the work is carried out efficiently with limited disruption leaving the site in a safe and tidy condition at the end of every working day. We have a waste management policy in place and look to recycle as many of our waste products as possible. We are always seeking ways to improve on this and limit our impact on the environment.

You will find all our electricians to be helpful & friendly whilst maintaining a professional attitude and standard. Our experience, expertise and efficient approach has enabled us to meet clients needs while maintaining a cost effective, quality service.

This in turn has helped in building our reputation for a trustworthy & reliable electrical services in London. We pride ourselves on our ability to make things happen, to innovate and to solve problems but above all, we’ve built an enviable reputation for successfully delivering projects both large and small on time, within budget and with minimal on and off site problems for our clients.

  • We offer very competitive prices.
  • Minimum charge is just for one hour.
  • Additional sockets and lighting points.
  • Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR)
  • There are no hidden costs, parking fees and congestion charge may apply.
  • You can also hire us for a whole day at cap price
  • Landlord certificates
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Fire Alarms and smoke detectors
  • Part and Full re-wires



Our Mission


We, at AL-Amin Electrical Contractor aims to provide every residence in London electrically efficient and safe home. With our qualified and experienced electrician, you can leave your home power issues on us and we guarantee it will not bother you again.

Our Work Ethics


We believe the features that make us separate from the other Electricians in Walthamstow are the work ethics that we follow.

We provide free and honest assessment


We feel your concern over saving on your pocket when it comes to assessing whether your home needs re-wiring or not. So, with us feel safe to get an honest inspection of your residential building at honest advice without any additional charges.

Customer satisfaction


To make our customer satisfactied is what we carve for. This is the reason our electricians throughout London are appreciated for their friendly and informative personality. We carefully collaborate with an electrician who has credibility, experience and zeal to serve people genuinely.